A lot of people have been asking why we have chose a Luna Moth for our brand. A little more about its background is that the moth have a short life span and their purpose in life is to reproduce. Once they are hatched from their cocoon it uses the light from the moon to guide its way through darkness. With that being said we wanted to pass a message. Life is short & a lot of people tend to forget our main purpose in life. Our purpose is to do whatever we can so that our next generation can live an easier life. During the process we all go through a dark phase in our lives! We may have already been through it or currently going through it but just remember there’s light within us that will guide us through whatever it is we’re going through. We all have a dream and no matter what that dream is that today we have set our mind to achieve anything and will fight through any obstacles to reach our goals! Together we Are Collective Luna.